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Out of several fields, Why Engineering?

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Why Engineering?

Why engineering

Education is indispensable for all the generations to shape their lives. We cannot think of our lives without engineering. As we cannot assume to live without education, the world also cannot survive without engineering.

From the gigantic ships to the enormous buildings, to the mobile handsets, to cyber-security, all are the marvels of engineering which change the perception of living.

Lives of today and the lives of the 15th or 16th century are of great contrast, and it is solely because of Engineering.

Engineering is a field of science. If you have a passion for science and believe you could contribute to change the world or at least introduce something to the world that gives value to the world. It can be a great profession to select. Furthermore, scientists & engineers have astounding services towards development and are considered the backbone of the modern world.

The world is innovating and evolving; everyday new technology takes place and obsolete preceding technology. It opens up an excellent opportunity for the engineers to further explore to benefit society.

Don’t plunge into this field if you have no passion for innovating ideas, or you feel reluctant to solve complex mathematical problems because Engineering is loaded up with mathematical complexities.

If you are one of those who hate mathematics, then there is a high probability that you will face the atrocities of mathematics, day in and day out.

Engineering is the other name of innovation

engineering is the name of innovation

Engineering is the name of innovation. No two days at engineering workplace are the same. Every day new challenges are waiting at the office before your arrival. Well, it might be waiting for you even if you are just a college boy.

It is an excellent opportunity for creative minds to tackle problems of different magnitude. It can be fun, too, as every day is a new day full of excitement and full of opportunities where learning growth is exponential.

The more you use your brain, the better it functions. In the engineering field, you are bound to use your mind more often than not.

Every problem that you are going to be tackled has unique complexities and requires a unique solution; you have to wrap your brain around to solve the problem.

Sometimes you succeed, and sometimes you learn. Sometimes, you do not have all the necessary resources at your hand, and you have to find ways to solve problems by using whatever resources are available at the moment. If you are an innovative person who loves science, then go for it will bell on.

Let’s explore the benefits in details;

Job Satisfaction

Job satisfaction

If you are a sort of person who loves to play with mathematics and physics and compliments it with science, then what else do you want from a job?

It is a field that keeps on hooking you at every moment. Every other day demands unique you, as mentioned earlier. The days will pass on as if nothing is happening because you love the work, and when we got to perform what we like from inside, then time and space become just two words of the dictionary. There is no better feeling of doing something you love. It is indispensable to love your work if you want to be creative.

Creativity comes from infinite sacred resources when our mind and body get ready to perceive it. It can only be possible when we start loving our job or doing what we love. It reborn the real genius from inside, and you start facing problems and complexities with greater ease.

Every day you wake with a purpose, you get yourself ready to face challenges and difficulties, unlike others who come into this field accidentally.

When you love your job, you meet zero competition because you keep on learning and growing, you create solutions with logic and imagination without stressing yourself out. You become a unique identity, and that is the most satisfactory thing.

Working in collaboration

Working in collaboration

Teamwork is an essential ingredient to solve complex problems in any field, but in engineering, Teamwork is everything.

Many skilled minds join together for a purpose to resolve the issue or create a unique solution with minimum capital after all cost is the essential thing to consider.

Engineering projects are enormous, like the installation of a plant, construction of a building, creating a comprehensive database system for a multinational company, burrow underneath to find natural resources, etc.

All these projects and many others require Teamwork, as it appears quite clear that massive projects mean extravagant effort, and without collaboration, it would be impossible to achieve milestones.

In the construction of a building, Architect engineer, material engineer, and electrical engineer work in collaboration to make the project an ultimate success. It can be stated that engineers are great team players, as they always work in teams.

Making a difference

Making a difference

It is a naked truth that Engineers do make a huge difference. Look at the tall buildings, look at the plazas, look at the high tech technology, look at the beautiful aesthetic bridges, look at how you use your internet, and look at the great computing machines. They all are marvels of engineering.

Can you imagine a world without engineering? Even in healthcare, engineers are highly rated as they put their enormous efforts to develop machinery to provide ease to the patient. X-Ray and other scanning machines are all screaming loud in praise of engineers. Renewable energies, mining of ores, natural resources, and the list goes on and on.

You and I both have a chance to become part of the journey to make a positive difference in this world. Can you make such a fantastic impact by choosing any other career?

Salary and career opportunity

Salary and career opportunity

Where there is a solution, there is money. A career in engineering demands more than just engineering. Engineers must have interpersonal and intrapersonal skills to meet modern-day challenges. It was a time when engineers were recruited based on a mere degree.

Things have changed, the advances in technology have made the process a bit difficult, but for the skillful person, there is more than enough hope.

People are minting huge bucks in their relevant fields by having the required skill sets. An engineer must know how to communicate, how to read the engineering workflow diagram, how to work in a team, and some other essential things. Those who polish themselves and get prepared according to current needs are getting more than competitive salaries.

All and all, you have to up your game. Analyze the establish industry players, what they are doing, and how they are doing. Once you comprehend the vital subtleties to succeed in the engineering world, only then you manage to write off any competition.

At the initial level, engineers are making around $45000 to $65000 per year. As they learn and grow, their salaries increase exponentially.

Notably, Europe is rich in engineering. Opportunities are huge. According to the report, every year, the demand for engineers get doubled because of fast development. For engineering study, Germany is considered the most viable place to acquire a bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

Final Words

Final words about engineering

Engineering can make you sweat if you do not belong to it. Before taking your career decision, do weigh your options.

I have seen many engineers begging for a job because of a lack of desired skills. Especially in undeveloped countries, the unemployment ratio of engineers is on the verge of an all-time high.

If you are ready to get squeezed and prepared to learn this romantic field of science, only then you could consider engineering.

Otherwise, please look for something else. The engineering field is sacred, reserved only for science and technology lovers who love to play with scientific laws and mathematical equations. Make yourself wise and choose what is better for you.

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