Who To Choose Engineering? Everything Explained In Simple Steps


This contemporary world is the epitome of engineering marvels. Eliminate engineering and we’d be back in the darkest of human ages. Engineers shape the world by their skill set and their wisdom. As the world keeps on progressing, the demands of engineers will always be knocking at the door.

All the inventions and advancements have been done by those who are best in their perspective fields. There may be abounds of engineers but the change has been brought up by the skillful engineers who love engineering. It just is not confined to the field of engineering but any field. If someone loves doing any particular thing or associates itself willingly with any particular field only then the days of enchantment will come to the surface. So the question arises who to choose engineering?

It is the established fact that those who love what they are doing will propel in life with leaps and bounds. When we are doing what we love we don’t get fatigued easily and we don’t care about how much time and effort we are going to put in because now we are loving the work. It is indispensable to love what you are doing, if you intend to aim high. Let’s get specific and talk about who to choose engineering:

Since we grew up we have many directions to ensue. There is always a dominant thought in our mind that keeps on pushing us to do something about it. We tend to follow it without analyzing the consequences we might have to face. Before choosing any engineering field we must confront something to ourselves

Why are we choosing engineering?


The clarity of WHY is compulsory. It defines the purpose of doing anything. Many students choose engineering just because others are opting it or they are being pressurized. They are found in believing that they should be doing what everyone else is doing to stay in the hunt. I call it rat race because I can sense the debacle before the beginning of the chosen journey.

Moreover, one can never succeed in any walk of life if one’s reason for doing or choosing is vague at the first place. So it is inevitable to answer your WHY before selecting any field, especially engineering, as engineering will make you weep more often if you don’t belong to it.

How to discover engineering talent?


Once your WHY gets clear, the second step is to observe all the patterns of your life by looking at your past. Do you really belong to this field?

If we reflect back and think of all the activities we used to perform and the routines that hooked us in the past, the answer will come sooner or later. Do we really like to critically get into things? Remember! We have to dig out our talents if we’d lost it. We have to get back into our childhood days to understand what talents we are blessed with. Some of us loved to dismantle car pieces and take out the circuit to play with the battery and the servo motor. Some of us were quite ambitious with the structure of cars. Some of us loved to design buildings with the Lego blocks. Some of us love to fly airplanes. The answer is ever present, all we need to do is to go glean over the past to secure our future.

Scope of that field


You have to search a bit about the scope of this field. It is uncomplicated. You need to look into the data and data never lies. You need to look into the statistics about how many jobs of this field are available in the market? Number of jobs/ Number of pass out students. The probability will tell you about the scope of your chosen field.

Comprehensive research about that field


If your WHY of engineering and WHY of selecting a particular field gets clear then you need to do RESEARCH about the university. The research includes the best university related to your chosen field, the best country that offers this field (if you can afford to study abroad), and the best integrated courses offered by the specific university. This will further clear your mind regarding your field.

These are the few things that one needs to do before selecting any engineering field. I think all of us can take out some time to critically evaluate all these factors. After all, we are thinking about choosing our careers. This is a very small step and I hope and believe that we all can take this little effort to secure our future. 

Mataf Khan

An electronics enthusiasts from childhood became an electrical engineer, I've been playing with Arduino and other electronics gadgets like raspberry pi since when I was 14. and have a passion of troubleshooting Arduino problems.

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