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How to Secure 3.5 or Above CGPA with these simple tricks

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Secure 3.5 or Above CGPA

Scoring GPA is important

Isn’t it feel accomplished when your grade sheet shows 3.5 or more CGPA out of 4? The truth is getting 3.5 or more CGPA is challenging, well, is there anything worthwhile that doesn’t require efforts?

Believe me, there is nothing easy to access, however, there are always some tips and tricks to shorten the hustling phase.

Based on the experience these forthcoming tested suggestions will surely ease the process

Understand Teacher’s Psyche

Understand teachers psyche

Understand the psyche of a teacher; this is exceptionally vital; some of the topics are the teacher’s favorite. How can you find out what these topics are?

Well! Just observe if a topic interests your teacher and make your teacher teach with enthusiasm and get deeper into the topic. Note it down; the chances are high that it will come in your exam.

There are always some topics that we love as humans, and teachers are no exception. Some of the concepts related to a particular topic are teachers favorite and they deliver it with full zeal.

Since teachers have made extra effort to deliver the idea, and they enjoy the topic, it is their vanity that propels them to challenge you. Remember it.

Keep an eye on that and it will probably come in your exams.

Assignment Questions Matter the most

Assignment questions matter

Assignment questions are of great value, so never underestimate them. It reflects teachers’ thought processes regarding the subject. Try to solve them by yourself or copy them from your friend but make sure you understand the procedure of addressing those questions.

Honestly speaking, I did copy some of my assignments from my friends. In my early stages of university life, I did make the mistake of not understanding the work after copying. I got wise to the fact, and later on, whenever I did copy my assignments, I made sure that I understand the solution.

If assignment questions are also part of the Quiz, they will come to your EXAM. Hammer it home. I’m dead sure about it as I have analyzed it for two years, and it worked for me almost all the time.

Furthermore, the repetition of question gives us a hint that some topics are teacher’s favorite and they also believe it is good for the students. Chances are it will come in your exam might be with some extra flavor.

Checkout for the assessments and quizzes, otherwise —- you better know!

Observe Teachers and Understand their Demands

Observe Teachers and Understand their Demands

Discern teachers demand. It is pivotal to get high grades. Throughout the semester, understand how a teacher gives marks, why someone is getting high marks in assignments and quizzes. It reveals teacher marking criteria. The secret lies behind observing.

Read and Practice Daily

Read and practice daily

Read and practice daily for 30 to 40 minutes about the work that has been taught in the last class outing. For that, reserving time on a daily basis is the key.

Why it is important to practice daily? Because we make it a habit and habits become part of our routine. That’s why you need to read and practice daily when the topics are fresh.

When topics are fresh in our mind, it becomes easy to recall. After every 15 days, call a group study and discuss the concepts. It will do a whole lot of good for you.

Final Points

Key takeaways

Complete your assignments on time and by yourself (most of the time), especially of technical topics, because it will help you to tackle intricate problems in exams.

There might be a chance that the teacher tricks a bit, and you get tricked in exams. Only those who have done their assignments by themselves will manage to get the teacher’s drift and solve the problem.

Good luck and hope you all crush it!

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