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Is there any future of engineering? | Upcoming Engineers

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Since the inception of the 21st century the technology has paced its advancement. Technologies that were unique 10 years back are now obsolete. Engineering plays a vital role in our society, from invention of a nail to big giant machinery, everywhere engineering applies.

The developing structure of the world has been possible due to the skilled engineers. And without engineers’ assistance the advancements are nothing short of a mere dream.

 Every great invention is the open secret of engineering marvels and all the future inventions will be greatly influenced by engineers – undoubtedly. 

Day by day precision and analysis get refined due to the advanced and well integrated simulation techniques, data capture techniques and data reduction techniques.

 3-D printing has also opened ways for rapid prototyping, which helps to build brilliant and accurate models. Advancement in the field of robotics and automation has also opened up ways for engineers.

 China is the prime example of rapid technological development especially in the field of Robotics and Automation. There is still a huge opportunity available for literally anyone who masters his/her skills. 

Lack of job opportunity

Everybody needs some kind of money to move on in this world and thousands of engineers graduate everywhere and it lacks job opportunities

It is the saddest thing that engineers in some of the countries are unemployed. But the reason for their unemployment is lack of desired skills.

At this moment, the need of the market is different. What the marketers and industry shareholders want from an engineer is more than just engineering. 

They are demanding more interpersonal and intrapersonal skills and some other engineering related skills from an engineer. It includes effective communication, how to deal with the other business personals, how to present ideas in the most appropriate manner, how to solve problems in the simplest manner and how to innovate things etc. 

Engineering is not confined to writing a code, it demands much more from you. Now the recruiters are looking for a complete package. Those who are good at providing them value would cement their place. Pen down. 

True Face of education in Engineering Colleges


Since parents convince their children to opt engineering as a career. Businessmen have sensed their hunch and are now setting up engineering universities.

 As they are businessmen they know how to market their product. They market their universities to the best of their abilities and somehow persuade students (customers) to take an admission (buy) in their universities (product). They take it as a business only, which then plummets quality.

In actuality, these universities fail to fill the demands of the industry. Universities are unable to give their students a proper and clear picture of the future and the most demanding technologies and skills to master. 

Number of unemployed engineers has reached to the whopping figures of 80%. About 1.5 million engineers are passing out each year with the hope of getting the employment opportunities.

The great struggle arises after completion. Engineers are choosing different fields’ to feed their needs.

More number of engineering universities means more number of passing out students. Some of them fulfill the market demand, but to our dismay, many of them fail to stand anywhere near. 

Due to the job scarcity, engineers are underfoot.

Skill requirement

If you have planned to become an engineer then you have to establish some of the imperative and demanding skills of this era. 

You need to learn Artificial intelligence (AI) because the world is moving towards it. Now the scientists and innovators around the world are looking for the ways to incorporate artificial intelligence in systems to make them efficient. Watch out.

Python is now considered as one of the useful languages and those learning python are having competitive advantages over their competitors. 

The Internet of things (IOT) have also been in demand. It has become an important discussion in multinational companies and industries. It has also made a way to print and electronic media. Innumerable conferences have been held on this topic and is considered a hot topic for the automation industries. 

These three skills can make an engineer valuable – especially electrical and electronic engineer. 

The above mentioned skills elevate the status of an engineer, as one has industry demanded skill set. It also evades any sort of peer competition, as not many engineers are learning these skills.

As long as you keep yourself on the heel, and keep moving forward and master the skills which you have already acquired, then surely no one is going to stop you. 

There are very few higher colleges who prepared their students according to the market demand. Some reputable institutions sense the forthcoming innovations and are making sure that their students learn the demanding skills to secure their future.

MBA or Master in relative field


Surely, you have an option. You can choose a relative field to pursue your master degree or you can switch to MBA. 

If you think that we are good enough in your field and you have interest + talent to excel in your field then surely go for MASTERs. For Masters, I would recommend you to do extensive research before coming to any conclusion. 

Talking about MBA, if you think you have the capability to lead the team or you want to establish a business or want to market yourself and your product or working in association with another company and market their product and business. Well, I would suggest you to go for an MBA. 

Engineering skills coupled with management skills make an amazing combo. This combo can be pivotal for success. The future of Engineering is in safe hands if you are willing to put an effort and learn extra skills to outrank your competitors. 

Though, it is easier said than done. It requires relentless effort and diligent work to actually penetrate into a big system, but not nothing is impossible. The future is in your hands.


Key Takeaway

Engineering is one of the most demanding skills, full of challenges. 

However, the future for skilled individuals is bright. If you keep on hustling and keep on honing your skills — you will get through. 

The problem of unemployment is associated with mediocre or average students. If you think you are above average or an excellent student with critical analytic abilities then yes engineering is the way forward.

However, don’t go for engineering if you don’t belong, otherwise, you will scream out loud in pain. 

Regarding the MBA degree for engineers, yes it’s a viable option and if you think you have good management and leading skills then why not!

The point is decide wisely what to opt, and from which to refrain.

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