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Salaries of an Electrical Engineers | Top 8 Countries

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Worldwide Electrical Engineering Salaries


Electrical engineering is considered to be a lucrative field to go with. Every industry has electrical supplies and electrical machines and to maintain them there is always the need of skilled Electrical engineers. The technology advancement calls for skilled individuals. For that instance companies are willing to pay more to the adroit engineers.

The Salary graph of engineers varies from country to country. Salaries of Electrical engineers also depend upon their skill set. Candidates who are up-to-date will be considered to offer huge packages.

This contemporary world demands more than just engineering knowledge to stay at the cutting edge. To grasp the hands on high salaries, engineers have to develop and honed certain skills that could help them to cement their place. 

To get a place in industry Electrical engineers must know how to communicate with the other engineers and sometimes with marketers in the most congruous language.

Moreover, they must know how to market themselves and their services in the most prolific manner to earn high salaries.

Talking about high paying salaries, engineers in developed countries are earning more than the engineers of under developed countries. Even the ratio of employment in developed and underdeveloped countries are in contrast. 

Some of the statistics will be displayed underneath, to help you make your all-important career decision. After all your future depends upon the initial and valuable decision you make. 

Let us delve into a subject, about the accumulation of money by electrical engineers or the salaries received by electrical engineers in different parts of the world.

Electrical Engineers Salaries in USA


The United State of America has led the economy of the world for so long, although China has outranked them but still the USA is highly influential, and their average pay rate is somewhat around $80,051/ year. Ranging from as low as $63k to as high as $118k. These estimates are established on 11,662 salaries submitted by Entry level engineers.
(Source: glassdoor

Indeed has also predicted the average salary of entry level electrical engineers in the USA. According to the 11,303 salaries submitted anonymously to them, an average salary for an electrical engineer is around $85,263/ year.
(Source: Indeed)

Electrical Engineers Salaries in Germany


Germany is considered a Hub of engineering. Due to rapid advancement in technology and modern curriculum, it draws worldwide attention. 

Students from diverse countries are studying engineering in Germany. Germany also offers numerous employment opportunities for engineers.

Especially, Electrical engineers are also being paid handsomely. According to the statistics by PayScale, an average entry level electrical engineer is minting around €44K or $48,469/per year. Not much in comparison to USA but still a significant amount. Also education in Germany is either free or they charge minimal prices, knowing that their degree is invaluable. You can list Germany as a lucrative option.

(Source: PayScale)

Electrical Engineers Salaries in UK


Among great developed countries the UK is one of them. Their economy is always flourishing although Brexit may have had an impact on the UK’s economy but still they are far ahead from many nations. 

Talking about the rapid growth and advancement of UK’s technology, according to the Computer weekly sources, their tech growth is growing more than two times that of the entire UK economy of the UK. The growth is due to their empathetic behavior towards the working force.

The exponential growth in the technology industry furthers the need of skilled electrical engineers, because every sector has machines that need proper maintenance.

Electrical engineers provide their services to maintain the flow of work by keeping the machinery intact. 

In light of the need, electrical engineers minting around £35,788/ year according to Glassdoor. According to Indeed, they have accumulated data of over 20,000 employed electrical engineers, on those basis they have estimated a figure of around £34,424/year which is pretty close to the estimation of Glassdoor. 

Electrical Engineers salaries in Japan


World War 2 uprooted Japan and it was nullified to the extent that two of their cities were completely dismantled.

Atomic bombing on Hiroshima and Nagasaki had demolished the economy of Japan. Within 10 years after the incident, Japan had started to flourish again because they worked on their youth. They had imposed an emergency on individuals to educate themselves.

That was the turning point of Japan, and the tune was set. Now in Japan everyone is eager to learn and work as hard as possible to uplift the economy of their country. 

The habit of working hard is now ingrained in their blood. Their government has spent around 3.6% of GDP on education that speaks itself about the seriousness of Japan towards technology.

As Japan is quite an advanced country, the need for electrical engineers is also in great numbers. Though, getting employment in Japan is uneasy as they value highly skilled electrical engineers but if you are skillful then no hurdle could come in your way.

According to Salary expert salaries for an entry level electrical engineer is around $77.7K or ¥8,337,409. Furthermore, a senior electrical engineer (8+ years of experience) earns around $138.1K or ¥14,818,016, hell lot of money for a skilled electrical engineer. You really have to be a top notch if you are planning to work in the high tech country of Japan. 

Electrical engineers salaries in Canada


By tightening the rules on USA visas, by the president of the USA, skilled engineers have turned their liking towards Canada. Canada is considered a tech friendly country along with the USA. According to the statistics by CBRE, from 2012 to 2017 more than half of the engineers and programmers have grown in this country. 

Canada is a largely expanded country with a minimal population of around 37.59 million. As the population is controlled, they cannot propagate with their country’s men power. That’s why they are always in need of foreign men’s power to stabilize their tech growth. 

Previously, Canada has eased the immigrant procedure for certain countries as they need skilled individuals. With the fast developing technology, Canada needs around 85000 skilled workers every year according to financial times. 

There are vast employment opportunities for the electrical engineers in the beautiful and peaceful country of Canada. 

According to the sources from Indeed, entry level electrical engineers are minting around $76,374. According to PayScale electrical engineers are making around the same amount as calculated by Indeed. 

Electrical engineers salaries in China


A country which stunts the world with excessive and rapid growth in almost every sector of life. In terms of the technology industry China is catching up with the Silicon Valley.

In 1977 China was just amateur in technology and most of their population were living below the poverty line. They were indigent. 

But after a few years they have started to spend time and effort to develop their Youth and within 15 years China has started to grow.

Now, China is establishing themselves on top. Three of their top tech giants worth around $1.1 billion. Last year Online Shopping in China touched $1.5 trillion dollars. These staggering figures elicit the Chinese dominance in technology, and they keep on propelling. (Stat Source: Emarketer)

With the incessant growth in technology the demand for skilled blokes are ever so high. Rates of Entry level electrical engineers vary in various regions of China, according to few authentic resources $21K dollars are given to the Engineers, (payscale).

The Pay scale is quite low and the competition is tough. But for an entry level engineer there are open opportunities to learn as their technology is evolving at a faster rate. 

Electrical Engineers salaries in India


India has fast paced their economic growth with the rapid advancement they bring to the table. India is still an underdeveloped country. Majority of the population of India is living below the threshold poverty’s level.

Labor cost in India is also insignificant. It is a fact that the technology in India is on the rising side but still they need a few more years to get themselves above the poverty line. 

As long as their population lives in poverty, pay rates for engineers or any skilled person will remain down because the market need is less than the ratio of aspirant engineers.

Salaries given to an entry level electrical engineering is around $2940.29/year, according to the sources of Indeed. These figures look quite lackluster when comparing with the first world countries.

Electrical engineers salaries in Pakistan


Pakistan was once a sublime country back in the 1980s. They were growing fast but due to unwanted Political influence their growth plummets. Their economy emaciated and life gets tough.

Industrial revolution is still an alien to this piece of land. Engineers in this country are fortunate as they are not given opportunities to excel. 

No industries are setting up in Pakistan, which means a fiasco for all the skilled individuals especially engineers. 

About 80% of their engineers are doing odd jobs or turning their heads towards MBA. The situation is worse and daunting and who knows how much time is required for a country like Pakistan to start flourishing. Their entry level engineer is minting around $2411.27/ year, according to the Data by Indeed.  

Not just Pakistan Countries like Srilanka, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Most of the African countries are yet to be developed. 

Final Thoughts


On the basis of research a theme has been established that the salaries for the engineers in Europe and America are on the higher side as compared to the salaries of engineers living in ASIA or Africa. These two continents are still to be developed.

Data is extracted for the entry level electrical engineers. However, these figures vary from company to company, state to state, and individual to individual. These salaries are the average salaries of electrical engineers working in those above mentioned countries. 

All and all Electrical engineering can be an enthralling profession if you belong to it, otherwise it would be a horror show. 

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