About Us


Eenfotech is a concept of enabling the future leaders with an inevitable armory to face the day to day challenges of working in an environment where they have to encompass quite a few problems.

From problems faced during the study, problems at the time of interview, and the problems faced in the industry. I have also planned to put up some tutorials to turn intricate technical information into practical, easy-to-understand takeaways.

All and all I have designed things to benefit the community through our experience and through the experience of our mentors.


This platform is designed to assisting tech-savvy learn about engineering, frequently asked questions, technological developments, guides about Arduino.

I started eenfotech because I wanted other tech-savvy and marketers to comprehend intricate things and use them to their advantage. I have planned to take interviews with other Arduino guys.

I feel that the lack of knowledge and understanding put curtains on the performance of so many individuals. I  have planned to give them proper liable knowledge that would help them to overcome obstacles.

Concept Behind EENFOTECH

The concept behind EENFOTECH is to provide the latest information to the tech-savvy and marketers. In EENFOTECH:

In Eenfotech; Eenfo stands for information and tech stands for technology, or Arduino (Gadget). This is how the title came about.